30 April 2021

The approach to the pediatric patient in dental and medical settings: insights and useful tips.

Approaching the pediatric patient is certainly one of the most important challenges for doctors and health professionals. Making the difference, i.e., knowing how to approach a […]
1 April 2021

From customer care to product customization. All-round customer care aimed at customer satisfaction.

In a global market such as the current one, where one is confronted daily with an increasingly wide range of products, customer care is a strategic […]
8 March 2021

Symmetry: the optimal patient accessibility solution for right-handed and left-handed dentists

Well-being influences the quality of life of every individual. In the workplace, too, it should not be underestimated.  Today, more than ever, the awareness of the […]
22 February 2021

Products made to last: Tecnodent, dental and medical chairs and stools designed to defy time.

If quality is the key element that gives the customer – in every field – the guarantee of having invested in a suitable product, this need […]
8 February 2021

Made in Italy : the taste and artisan tradition applied in the medical field

“Made in Italy”: these three words are enough to immediately refer to aesthetic taste, passion, attention to details, quality care and tradition. Craftsmanship and the typical […]
25 January 2021

It’s all about comfort, but for whom? The difference between Soft Foam and Memory Foam upholstery

The care towards comfort and ergonomics has always been one of Tecnodent’s leading principles Tecnodent’s daily focus and its company mission revolve around the concept of […]
4 January 2021

Chromotherapy: the power of colours applied to the specific needs of each practice

Chromotherapy is the discipline which studies the influence of colours around us and on our psychological well-being. Its origins are ancient: experiments for this practice were […]
14 December 2020

Postural ergonomics: an element that should not be underestimated by dentists

What is ergonomics when talking about dentistry? Ergonomics – understood as the study of interaction between human beings, technology and the working environment, in order to […]
5 November 2020

Hygiene in healthcare and dental practices in the time of Covid-19

When you think about health care settings, such as hospitals, but even just outpatient or dental ones, it is natural to expect a higher level of […]