Italian high quality products
for dental and medical professionals


It was 1966 when the first steps of Tecnodent's manufacturing activity started in a little Bologna town garage.
To this day Italian tradition and craftsmanship expertise are the foundation of Tecnodent's capability to design and manufacture innovative products devoted to specific dental and medical market needs.

Tecnodent products are certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI CEI EN ISO 13485:2016


  • 1966TECNODENT Foundation

  • 19673M First chair introduced in the market

  • 1978First LINDA chair gets onto the scene

  • 1980Starting polyurethane molding. Tecnodent becomes the reference in the world wide dental industry

  • 1981Dental and medical stool line development

  • 1982Tecnodent is the first company producing seamless upholsteries

  • 1988The Medical Division takes its first steps with the 1st Podiatry chair model

  • 1990First ENT chair

  • 1994Eco 19 chair is born. It’s totally made in polyurethane CFC free

  • 1997Tecnodent get ISO 9001 and EN 46001 certification

  • 1999Pluto is born. An iconic stool thanks to the unmistakable design, innovative and ergonomic seat and patented control mechanism.

  • 2004Light – High design innovative chair with wireless pedal

  • 2008Tecnodent joins Favero Health Projects Group leading manufacturer in the hospital field for innovative high-quality furniture.

  • 2009Sting - first smart dental chair build in die casting aluminum and injection molded covers

  • 2010Serenity Care 200 - Tecnodent starts developing gynecological market with the first chair integrating slow mode feature for IVF procedures

  • 2011SOFT FOAM hand made upholstery are launched for the outmost patient comfort

  • 20132013Tecnodent introduces the first memory foam moulded upholsteries without seams

  • 2014Launch of the new ERGO line stools

  • 2015TECNOCARE medical division is born

  • 2016Lux it chair – a brand new star on Tecnodent firmament

  • 20172009 Next chair enriches the product range

  • 2017Pluto&Venus re-evolution: Memory Comfort

  • 2018LINDA NEXT - the multipurpose knee break column chair

  • 2019SERENITY NEXT Advanced features for the top class gynecological and urological chair

  • 2019Lean Manufacturing Process, Kanban are introduced

  • 2020New logistic process: vertical automated upholstery and components storage with bar code system is introduced

  • 2020Logistic expansion: enlargement main facility

  • 2020VALE the smart chaise longue model

  • 2021Photovoltaic panel system installation

  • 2022LINDA EVO – the ultimate multifunctional mid-range compact knee break chair

  • 2023STING ION - The first chair with integrated ionizer for cabinet sanitization

  • 2023“AES”, “SUR”, “ENT” dedicated chair set ups for aesthetic medicine, daily outpatient surgery and ent