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The first chair with integrated ionizer for room sanitization

Main Features:

  • Air exchange rate guaranteed by the entire STING ION chair system (ionizer and forced ventilation): 29 m3/h.
  • Continuous room sanitizing power until the device is switched off.
  • Removes up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, VOCs and odors.
  • Powerful deodorizing action that gives the environment an intense scent of fresh air.
  • Natural process that promotes the controlled formation of specific ionic particles in the air through a purposely generated electric field.
  • Does not use or produce chemicals and does not pollute the environment.
  • Easy maintenance:
    • Minor cleaning of the ionizing tube and the outer grid on the glass tube every 1.000 hours of operation (5 months approximately).
    • Replace the ionizing tube every 10.000 hours of operation (4 years approximately), or in any case when the glass becomes dull or a whitish oxide coating appears on the perforated metal foil inside the glass tube.

The chair complies with the essential safety requirements as prescribed under the European MDR 2017/745

Standard features

  • Integrated ionizing device for continuous room sanitization
  • Electromechanical lifting, lowering and tilting movements
  • Compensated backrest tilting, up to the horizontal position
  • Slim anatomic backrest for the maximum treatment functionality
  • Multi-articulated UNI headrest for the best patient comfortable treating posture
  • High quality wrapping upholstery without seams
  • Possible customization with different colors of polyurethane and fabric
  • Integrated utility box
  • Complete symmetry for right-handed or left-handed professionals
  • Joystick control on the base for fast and efficient hands free chair movements
  • Ral 9003 + silver
  • Security STOPS on backrest, base and pantograph arm
  • Automatic programs: “zero”, rinse, last position
  • Possibility to program 3 different working positions (OPTION)
  • Possibility to equip the chair with one/two rotating armrests to improve the accessibility of the chair and to assure a natural support for the arms, allowing a relaxed position during the treatment (OPTION)
  • Memory Foam and Hand Made Soft Foam upholstery (OPTION)
  • Children pillow available (OPTION)
  • Trendelenburg position (OPTION)
  • Mobile foot control(OPTION)
  • IR remote control (OPTION)
  • Stabilizing base plate (OPTION)
  • Possibility to equip the chair with European or American unit bracket (OPTION)
  • Different chair painting colors (OPTION)
  • Bi-colour white and silver front cover (OPTION)
  • Different headrests are available according to specific treatment needs (OPTION)
  • Central arm and rotation (OPTION)
  • The chair complies with Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE and subsequent modifications


Color Palette

Color Palette