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Versatile and compact, ergonomic and comfortable, perfectly suitable to treat all patients, even children, elderly people, and persons with reduced mobility, for both dental and medical procedures.

The chair complies with the essential safety requirements as prescribed under the European MDR 2017/745


Standard features

  • Fully electromechanical upward, downward and tilt movements of the backrest
  • Backrest movement compensated, up to horizontal position
  • Tilting of the backrest synchronized with the elongation of the leg rest
  • Double-articulated headrest VALE
  • High enveloping backrest
  • Complete symmetry, usable by both right and left-handed professionals
  • 24 DC linear actuators
  • Safety stops on backrest and lifting arm
  • Automatic program for complete return to the patient lowering position (“zero”)
  • Three user programmable customized working positions
  • Automatic rinse program with return to the last working position
  • Low voltage controls: 5 V
  • Power supply with automatic selection 110V /230V
  • Joystick control, on the base
  • Soft-start and soft-stop movement
  • Double-articulated headrest model ELLE MOBILE (OPTION)
  • Head rest model ELLE-2 MOBILE (OPTION)
  • Magnetic cushion C95 (OPTION)
  • Magnetic cushion C2002 (OPTION)
  • Multi-articulated headrest model “UNI tappezzato” (OPTION)
  • Multi-articulated headrest model “LIGHT” (OPTION)
  • Right and/or left armrest (OPTION)
  • Electronic board with lamp activation relay (OPTION)
  • Rotation system around the vertical axis under the chair base (OPTION)
  • Infrared hand remote control (OPTION)
  • Children booster seat (OPTION)
  • ENT footrest (OPTION)
  • Seamless memory foam upholstery (OPTION)
  • Handmade soft-foam upholstery (OPTION)
  • Handmade soft-foam upholstery with contrasting color stitching (OPTION)


Color Palette

Color Palette