Growing @ Tecnodent

Linachiara Demasi graduated in engineering management on the 15th of March 2019 at the University of Bologna, she performed her internship at Tecnodent since July 16th, 2019 and she is now employed with a permanent contract as from January 16th 2020.

She developed various Lean Manufacturing projects in coordination with external consultants and she cooperated in the redesigning of the logistic platform.

Now she is further improving her skills in the Tecnodent Logistics area.

We asked Linachiara Demasi to tell us about herself, what pushed her to get closer to the medical field and her experience @ Tecnodent. Enjoy our interview with Linachiara!

  • Why did you choose Engineering Management?
    Engineering Management is a 360 degree education. It enables you to understand every sides of a business, from processes to strategic and decision-making aspects.
    Once you finish your university path, you can choose between different sectors.
  • What makes the electro medical products so interesting?
    One of the most interesting aspect is their complexity: it is not enough to design an aesthetically beautiful product, it must also be functional, since end users are people, and at the same time it must comply with hygiene and safety requirements.
    Electro medical products are in continuous evolution and should always keep up with current technological novelties.
  • How did you get in touch with Tecnodent?
    About a month after graduation, on Bologna University’s web site, I found Tecnodent request.
    Among the other job advertisements, they were giving the possibility to recent graduates to carry out an internships. I was contacted just a few days after applying.
  • How was your experience as an intern in Tecnodent?
    I started my internship in July 16th, 2019. I immediately felt at home. My colleagues were, and still are, always helpful and willing to explain me all the company patterns. I was also supported by some external consultant, as we were working on Lean Manufacturing projects.
  • How is life in Bologna? Living far from your family is a burden for you?
    Bologna is a welcoming city, that embodies all the comforts of big cities without losing its people oriented attitude. It is not excessively chaotic and you breath history, culture and art in every corner. Of course I miss my family. But luckily some of my relatives are also working here in Bologna, so we take all possible opportunities to spend some time together.
  • What do you think of Lean Manufacturing use in medium-sized companies?
    I think that Lean manufacturing is essential in every companies, especially in medium-sized ones, where often there is no well-defined flow management. In particular in small companies, through Lean Manufacturing, it is possible to simplify processes, reduce waste and improve efficiency.
  • What aspect of your work do you prefer most?
    I like that it is dynamic and not monotonous. The company issues that should be faced are always different and it is challenging to analyze them and find different solutions. During my work I also have to continuously be in contact and exchange views with my colleagues, and that is something important for me.
  • How have you faced the COVID-19 lockdown period in terms of work?
    The last period was particular for everyone.
    In the lockdown months our company, as among those producers of electro medical equipment, continued being operational in compliance with safety standards. All employees could work on rotation basis. In such an extraordinary and tragic situation, this possibility lightened a bit the tension we all felt and gave me a taste of normality.
  • What are your next goals?
    Above all, my main goal is to deepen my knowledge and education, in order to improve in my current working background.