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Serenity Care 200
Serenity Care 200Serenity Care 200Special upholstery with memory material suit perfectly to the patient’s figure and it releases from the weight pressure, ensuring a optimal relaxSerenity Care 200Serenity Care 200Serenity Care 200Serenity Care 200Connected to the counterseat.Tray for necessary intruments to be mounted on the colposcope arm support.For the optimal and  comfortable positioning of  the patient.Foot support for a proper  positioning of the patient.Upholstered leg support also available: it turns quickly the chair into a treatment table.Serenity Care 200 chair can be equipped with a magnetic headrest pillow for a better patient’s comfort.Equipped with frictioned  pivotal wheels, for  accessories, when not used.An adjustable armrest,  especially created for blood  taking or IV pole infusion.Inox basin under the chair  seat, to be extracted as per  need.Mobile pedal control enables  the doctor to work with  free hands during every  operation. Display panel  ensure a helpful support.Alternative to the leveling  feet, requested with the  order, these hidden wheels  can be mounted on the chair.Wide Papertowel, integrated  in the counter backrest, for  the best hygiene for each  treatment.Special upholstery with  memory material suit  perfectly to the patient’s  figure and it releases from the  weight pressure, ensuring a  optimal relax.Side handles for the safest  and easiest up/down moving  of the patient.The chair can be equipped with an integrated legrest that can be moved rapidly and easily.

Serenity Care 200

The electro-mechanical height and inclination adjustability enables the most proper positioning, for an ergonomic operating posture.
The high precision foot control or the push-button panel guarantee the greatest freedom of movements for the operator in each phase of the treatment and the highest level of hygiene.
It’s possible to have a 3rd motor to quickly reach the Trendelenburg position in case of emergency or during delicate procedures.
Memorized and customized treatment positions ensure an easy and quick control of the chair.
The “SLOW MODE”, with slow and precise micro-movements, assure on optimal positioning of the patient during most delicate operations, e.g. hysteroscopy and artificial insemination.
The chair is equipped with security devices to prevent the crushing.
The fireproof and antistatic fabric is seamless, for the maximum of cleaning and hygiene.
Memory foam upholstery also available, for a higher comfort especially during long-time treatments.

The chair complies with Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE and subsequent modifications.

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