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Reassuring design, ergonomics and functionality. Lifting capacity up to 250kg. Easy treating and patient access. Advanced features for the utmost comfort for both operator and patients.

Standard features

  • Electric movement up, down, Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and backrest recline
  • Soft start and stop
  • Security stops
  • Paper roll holder 60 cm
  • Pushbutton control
  • Wrapping seamless upholsteries with antimicrobial feature (different colors available)
  • Stainless steel 2L basin
  • Fireproof and antistatic fabric available (OPTION)
  • Foot pedal with 3 user profiles, 1 preset program + 3 programmable positions for each profile (OPTION)
  • Doctor footrest (OPTION)
  • Tool holder lateral bars (OPTION)
  • Wheels for small movements (OPTION)
  • Magnetic headrest cushion (OPTION)
  • Retractable patient side handles (OPTION)
  • Integrated extractable leg-rest (OPTION)
  • Quick Release system for emergency backrest manual lowering (OPTION)
  • Infusion transfusion armrest (OPTION)
  • Instrument tray (OPTION)
  • Colposcope support arm, with anti-crushing safety feature (OPTION)
  • 2 auxiliary electric sockets in the base (300W) (OPTION)
  • Memory Foam upholstery (OPTION)
  • Round basin for urological visits with valve (OPTION)
  • Electrically heated seat upholstery (OPTION)
  • Back-up battery (for brief movement in the absence of power supply) (OPTION)
  • Göpel leg holders with 3 levers (OPTION)
  • Göpel leg holders with 2 levers and vertical lowering (OPTION)
  • Footrests with arc supports and 3-lever adjustment (OPTION)
  • Electrically controlled footrests with arc supports (OPTION)
  • Slow mode feature is available with mobile foot pedal option and allows high precision micro soft movement for delicate procedures (OPTION)
  • The chair complies with Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE and subsequent modifications


Color Palette

Color Palette

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