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This chair was created to perfectly satisfy professionals in the audiology, otology, ophthalmology, dental surgery, general practice, as well as cosmetic field.

Standard features

  • Electromechanical up&down and backrest tilting movements, backrest-leg rest synchronism to reach the Trendelenburg position
  • ELLE FISSO headrest, with long-section sliding
  • Longitudinal rotating base with rotation angle 325°
  • Anatomical backrest with lateral armrest support wings for the highest patient’s comfort
  • Complete symmetry for left- and right-handed professionals
  • Infra-red control
  • Anti-crushing safety stop onto the backrest and leg rest, for an emergency stop of the chair
  • Automatic memory of the last operating position
  • 3 Programmable operating positions
  • Leg section inclination up to 90° for easy chair accessibility
  • Minimum height 50 cm, for the easiest access to the chair, also for elder or disabled persons
  • Ral 9002 painting
  • Automatic memorized return to “0” position at the end of the treatment
  • Two rotating armrests to improve the accessibility to the chair and to ensure a natural support for the arms, allowing a relaxed position during the treatment
  • Possible customization with different colors of polyurethane and fabric
  • Different headrests are available according to specific treatment needs (OPTION)
  • Mobile foot control (OPTION)
  • Joystick controls (OPTION)
  • European or American unit bracket (OPTION)
  • Fixed compact metal base with joysticks (OPTION)
  • Different chair painting colors (OPTION)
  • Children pillow available (OPTION)
  • Memory Foam or Hand Made Soft Foam upholstery (OPTION)
  • The chair complies with Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE and subsequent modifications


Color Palette

Color Palette

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