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2009 NEXT

The result of fine developments of our top of range creation 2009new chair conceived in order to continue, with a brand new fashionable look, a series of successes and achievements.

Standard features

  • Electromechanical lifting, lowering and tilting movements
  • Compensated backrest tilting, up to the horizonthal position
  • Spoon shaped ultra-slim ergonomic backrest for the maximum doctor’s movement freedom during treatment
  • Anatomical standard ELLE FISSO headrest
  • Wrapping seamless upholstery in high quality leatherette
  • Possible customization with different colors of polyurethane and fabric
  • Integrated compact utility box
  • Complete simmetry for right – or left-handed professionals
  • Joystick on the base for quick, intuitive and hygienic chair movements hands free control
  • Security STOPS on backrest, base and upper/low panthograph arm
  • Return to “zero” position, rinse position and last position automatic standard programs
  • Left side drilling for unit or lamp connection
  • Ral 9003 painting
  • Possibility to program 3 additional different working positions (OPTION)
  • Possibility to equip the chair with rotating armrests to ensure easy accessibility and natural confortable support for patient arms during the treatment (OPTION)
  • Memory foam or Hand made Soft Foam upholstery (OPTION)
  • Right drilling/ rear drilling/ double side drilling/ no drilling (OPTION)
  • Rotation and front adaptor (OPTION)
  • Children seat cushion available (OPTION)
  • Standard Ral 9003 painting. Possibility to paint the chair in different Ral painting colours (OPTION)
  • Right or left backrest pushbutton controls (OPTION)
  • Possibility to equip the chair with specific headrests according to dedicated treatment requirements (OPTION)
  • T-shaped backrest available as alternative according to specific needs (OPTION)
  • Trendelenburg position (OPTION)
  • Different chair painting colours (OPTION)
  • Possibility to equip the chair with European or American unit bracket (OPTION)
  • Mobile foot control (OPTION)
  • Lateral left cover plate (OPTION)
  • The chair complies with Medical Device Directive 93/42/CEE and subsequent modifications


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