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DETAILS MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Since 1966 ITALIAN high quality products  for dental and medical Professionals

Quality Certification


1966 Gino Lenzi founds Tecnodent
1967 Market sales start
1973 Plant in Lizzano in Belvedere is open
1978 Linda chair is born in order to become a worldwide reference model because of its knee break seat suitable for the elderly and children
1979 Tecnodent starts moulding structural polyurethane. Flexible and integral PU follow soon, making Tecnodent a worldwide reference in this field
1982 Tecnodent is the first company producing seamless upholsteries
1988 The Medical Division takes its first steps with the ENT chair
1993 The first Podiatry chair is born
1994 Eco 19 chair is born. It’s totally made in polyurethane CFC free
1997 Tecnodent get ISO 9001 and EN 46001 certification
1998 Tecnodent develops the Medical market with a customized gynaecological chair
1999 Pluto stool is born and quickly become an icon of design and advanced technology thanks to the innovative gel seat
2008 Tecnodent join Favero Health Projects Group
2009 First Surgical stools: EGG O and Sting O
2010 Tecnodent starts to develop its own gynaecological chair
2013 Tecnodent develops the first memory foam moulded upholsteries without seams
2014 Launch of the new ERGO line stools
2016 Lux it chair – a brand new star on Tecnodent firmament
2017 New 2009 Next chair enrich the product range | Pluto&Venus re-evolution: Memory Comfort


To conceive, study, design, and manufacture technically advanced dental and medical chairs, combining tradition and craftsmanship with innovation and technology in a system of excellence.


To provide patients with the greatest comfort in terms of ergonomics, accessibility and functionality, as well as aesthetic, tactile and visual pleasure, based on constant research and innovation.


Integrity, respect for the environment and involving and enhancing human resources

Tecnodent Philosophy

What makes our products unique?

Exciting Ideas

intuitionDreaming and freeing the imagination; lines drawn in full creativity; shapes and materials that stimulate intuition; colours that kindle emotions.
That’s how a new product is born

Design & Chromotherapy


Tecnodent’s R&D department carefully research, day by day, for new materials and technologies, going beyond market trends. Tecnodent employs advanced CAD systems to design its products and develop 3D models. A special division of the Engineering Department is specifically dedicated to the production of prototypes. Our wide range of leatherette colours is the result of a long and careful analysis of the benefits of Chromotherapy. As a result our products are conceived to suit every kind of need.



The comfortable and functional design and the user-friendly systems of our products have been studied with contributions from psychology, engineering, biomechanics, mechanobiology, industrial design, physiology and anthropometry. Basically Tecnodent’s chairs and stools fit the human body and its cognitive abilities.

Hygiene & Reliability


The continuous research and the Tecnodent know-how in polyurethane field developed unique seamless moulded upholsteries for the best hygiene. In order to grant a total reliability, all our chairs and stools have solid structures, high performances and totally Made in Italy components.


technologyThree different kinds of polyurethane (PU) can be obtained by moulding: structural, or rigid, PU (can be co-moulded with metal inserts); integral PU (semi-rigid, with or without metal inserts); flexible PU (similar to foam rubber, used for upholstery). The covers and some supporting parts of the chairs and stools are made of structural and integral PU.
The upholstery, made with flexible PU and covered by imitation leather, is entirely seamless and with no sharp edges for maximum hygiene and easy cleaning. The injection machines used for moulding the PU are constantly monitored to make sure that process parameters and product specifications are strictly respected at all times


prductionTecnodent’s quality system is at the basis of the chain of production, to ensure top quality and full conformity with the company’s stringent production requirements. In this value chain, suppliers and production staff work together to achieve the same goal: customer satisfaction.


quality_controlEvery single product undergoes severe quality inspections during production and assembly, during acceptance testing and during packing (visual inspection). The conformity tests include mechanical operation tests, electronic tests, electric compatibility tests and aesthetic-visual inspections, especially on the paintwork and upholstery.

Respect for the environment

greenTecnodent uses HCFC-free polyurethane, which means that no hydrofluorocarbons harmful for the atmosphere are used.

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